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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any mess?

Definitely not. I go to great lengths to ensure that no chimney mess escapes into the room. Moreover, to make sure that no low-level transfer of dirt around the hearth is transferred to the carpet etc a comprehensive floor covering is applied.

 How long will it take?

I allow an hour for a single sweep appointment but the job is usually completed in about 45 minutes, provided there are no unforeseen problems such as chimney blockages.

What about bird nests?

 Bird nests are always a bit of an unknown quantity but can usually be removed within the hour. However, it has to be understood that accumulations of nest debris have been known to fill several black bin bags and take much longer than an hour to remove. For this reason, I have to say that, whilst the standard charge for nest removal is £50 there has to be a further charge of £20 per half hour after the first hour.

What preparation do I need to make?

 First and foremost, ensure that the fire/stove to be cleaned is cold. This is best achieved by not firing it in the previous 12 hours for wood burners and 24 hrs for Agas and such like. If the appliance is too hot for me to safely undertake my work a charge of £20 will be payable for wasting my time and fuel.

Do I get a sweeping certificate for my insurance company?

 Yes. The Guild of Master Sweeps issues certificates that are accepted as proof of sweeping and chimney safety by insurance companies. This could prove invaluable in the unfortunate event of a house fire, as it proves that you have taken all necessary precautions in respect of your flue.

 How often should I have my chimney swept?

 All flues should be swept yearly, even if not frequently used, as nests and other debris which might affect the safety of the flue can accumulate. It is recommended that regularly used wood burning stoves be cleaned as often as four times a year, depending on the intensity of use.

 Will I be reminded when my next sweep is due?

 Yes. You will be sent a reminder at the appropriate time.

Can you recommend a reliable solid fuel merchant?